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History Objectives and Background.

Having run a successful cleaning business for 25 years the time for a change was inevitable.
When choosing a business it is always wise to be passionate about the business, have a genuine reason to be passionate and most of all enjoy the process of putting in the hard work and seeing the results.

Having a passion for both professional Cleaning and Motorcycles, I then set my stall out to look for the business that would fit my passion; The choices were clear, a ready made tailored business, a franchise or a completely new business.

I looked at everything, Tools, Tyres, Dents, Power Washing, Valeting, Conversions, Sales, but there was nothing at all until I looked in the MCN Motor Cycle News (MCN)and discovered a new area of protection for surfaces named NANO technology.

I did a lot of research,competitor products, trials and testing and decided the products that we were to offer were much better than those currently available.

When setting up a completely new business, it then needs a brand name, after numerous business meetings and discussions we agreed it should be kept very simple and to the point.  As we are providing a bike protection service and offering products to keep your bike extremely shiny, we decided that the business brand name would be none other than – BIKE PROTECTOR – “the proof is in the name”

Update 2019

So what have we learned – simply put we have put our trust and judgement in our own testing,marketing and customer feedback and guess what – it’s working.

We are rebranding as BikeAuto so not to leave out the all important Car sector as our core customers are passionate about their Cars ,Vans and Trucks too and our choice of products has changed also to reflect a product range nearer to our core customer.

Brand New product range UK sourced  Wash,Shine,Protect,WoBo

Strong simple brand identification

Simple product choice and use

Super concentrated best in class performance and value

Super size 1L value packs and our original 300ml product range ideal for a quick spruce up or detailing when traveling to shows ,weekend breaks,extended travel trips and in vehicle storage.

Brand New ceramic coating range for better performance and easier DIY application brings coating treatments to the every day enthusiasts. Pro detailer range in the pipe line.


Our Range

BikeAuto are supplying an unbeatable, best in class range of cleaners, detailers, polishers and pro-coatings to enhance the look and cleaning ability of all motorcycles, bicycles and cars.

All cleaners and polishers are particularly suitable for protecting today’s modern machines – offering protection to Steel, Glass, Titanium, Anodised Aluminium ,Chrome, Aluminium, Alloy, indeed most areas can be treated.

BikeAuto range of cleaners detailers and polishers are top of the range for speed and performance.

BikeAuto … job done!

We look forward to seeing customers old and new as we prepare to expand our knowledge, share experiences and develop our unique brand.


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