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Professional Ceramic Coating Service

Introducing Bike Protector PRO,


Ceramic Coating service.

We will supply the products, carry out the treatment and as part of the aftercare service you will receive a FREE bottle of both Wash and Shine.

This is the ultimate in motorcycle protection, a highly Advanced Ceramic coating which was created to address the needs of the Motorcycle industry. It is effective and represents a small extra investment in the protection of vulnerable expensive parts.

It is massively resistant to the elements and is Professional Dealer Technician applied or time served accredited Detailer applied only.

What does a Ceramic Coating do to the paint and surfaces?

Our Bike Protector PRO  treatment forms an abrasion-resistant coating with extreme bonding properties on metal, glass, acrylic and painted surfaces. This extremely tough coating does not peel crack or flake and enhances the substrate with is own glossy finish. It generates a thin transparent coating with high impact strength and is resistant to alkali, abrasion, salt and more.

Exclusively Bike Protector PRO is only available at dealership level or professional application. Included is two coats of treatment.

You can be confident Bike Protector PRO will continue to protect for a minimum of 12 months under normal conditions.

Visit our testimonial page to see if we have completed a bike similar to yours!


Introducing for 2020 Bike Protector SIGNATURE PRO Additional extra protection is available with the application of the signature range and also includes an extra hard coat gloss finish giving a further 18 months protection on top of the standard 12 months offered with Bike Protector Pro

Extensively tested.

Simply put SIGNATURE PRO is the best of the very best!

For new Bike, preparation see your Authorised Supplying Dealer.

For Existing Motorcycles – The process starts with a safe wash including ph neutral pre-wash including removing inspection panels, seat and panniers as required.

Then an all over snow foam with rinse and a Safe Wash with No touch Drying and Hand Towel finish.

Specialist IPA Decontamination including removing adhesive stickers will be completed.

3 Layers of Ceramic coatings are applied with SIGNATURE PRO




Motorbike price – From £199.00

To inquire about this service please contact Bike Auto.


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