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Wash – 1L


Wash is a concentrate neutral degreaser wash developed from synergistic surfactants for rapid deep cleaning.

Wash contains no powders, caustics, acids or harsh alkalines and will not streak or cause hazing when dry. It is safe on all bike and vehicle surfaces.

After cleaning, use our premium care products Protect, Shine, Wobo or the new ceramic coating G1 Coat or Bodyguard Ceramic which are available to buy now!

Wash is also available in a smaller 300ml bottle.

We supply Wash as a multi-use concentrate either neat as a degreaser or on larger quantities 25L or 5L metered through a Karcher or pressure washer venturi which is an excellent choice if you are a mobile detailer as you can spray as a concentrate directly to grease and oil to suspend soil and blast it through metered with a Karcher. (or your Pressure Washer of choice) No need for separate products wash will do it all.
At this dilution, it is also ideal as a pre-wash spray degreaser before snow foam and safe washing for cars. Wash is used exclusively and is highly recommended by local motorcycle dealers and car detailers used as a ready to use a degreaser and additional pressure washing for a safe cleaning maintenance washing and Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) cleans.

“I used the new Wash product and it’s completely fantastic. The everyday stuff was good but this is another level. Dissolves the tough dirt and grease easily, and when you dry it off the bike actually sparkles! There’s barely any need to use anything else, just put it away and enjoy a shiny bike for the next week. Top marks, 100%.”P Reynolds

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